Selling Your Home

Sell Your Home, Have a Professional on Your Side

Looking to Sell Your Home?

The process of Selling your home can be an emotional experience. There are number of steps involved that have to be coordinated in order to get a home sale closed.  When the time comes to Sell Your Home, you will need the help of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional.

Listing your home, A Seller’s Agent:

  • Analyzes current market conditions to determine your home’s value
  • Considers your long and short term goals
  • Keeps all aspects of the transaction confidential
  • Educates you about current market conditions
  • Assists in listing your home for sale by developing a marketing plan to sell your home. There is a definite art to marketing your home properly. You can’t just stick a home in the MLS and wait for the offers to roll in, unless your home is priced to low.
    • Let our team of experienced real estate agents:
      • Take the best photos of your home
      • Create marketing brochures
      • Develop a social media plan
      • And much more!

Selling your home, a Seller’s Agent:

  • Negotiates on Your Behalf to get you the desired outcome in a manner that keeps you comfortable throughout the entire process.
    • Negotiating price
    • Negotiating inspections
    • Negotiating appraisals
    • Negotiate title resolutions
    • Negotiate multiple offers
    • Negotiate seller concessions
    • Negotiate earnest money
    • Negotiate inclusions and exclusions
    • Negotiate conditional sale contingencies
    • Negotiate survey resolutions
    • Negotiate due diligence resolutions
    • Obtain and review buyer’s qualification letter
    • Negotiate closing and possession date
  • Coordinates with team of professionals who will be involved during the home sale transaction.
    • Buyers agent
    • Title companies
    • Mortgage lenders or banks
    • Home Inspectors and many more!
  • Checks and double checks paperwork and deadlines
  • Solves any problems that may arise
  • Advocates on your behalf to protect your interests


Closing and Funding, a Seller’s Agent:

  • Reviews closing statement with Seller prior to closing to ensure all contract terms have been met.
  • Attends the closing to advise you and ensure everything goes according to plan


Our staff is professionally trained to ensure that the sale of your house proceeds smoothly.  When trouble arises our staff will be there to help close the transaction.

Contact one of our agents today. We look forward to working with you!